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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?  

We are a 24/7 gym.  You can lift any time of day, any day of the week.


Can I tour the gym before joining?

You can tour the gym by appointment by contacting Nick at 717-460-8890 or

Do you have staff or trainers available?

The gym is not staffed all the time.  You are responsible for following the club rules and terms and conditions to stay a member.  Nick is available for personal training and orientations by appointment.  To utilize personal training services, you must purchase credits as an add on to your membership and coordinate your training schedule with Nick.


Will you offer classes?

Classes will be advertised to members and posted on the class page and through social media.

If you’re not staffed, how do I join and get access?

You purchase your membership via the membership page.  Your membership is active the minute you purchase it online.  You will be billed your monthly fee the day you sign up, and on the same day of the month in subsequent months.


Upon joining, you will receive detailed information on how to download our app to your smartphone, and your phone is your access device to the gym.  Everything is automated - less worry and one less thing to misplace!


Can I get a key card instead of using my phone?

Access cards are available upon request.  There is a one-time fee of $25 per card.


Do I have to be a powerlifter to join?

Absolutely not!  Nick is certified as a USA Powerlifting Coach and would love to introduce you to powerlifting if you wish.  However, ANYONE is welcome at SFBC.  We have a wide range of equipment that is suitable for men, women, teens and adults alike.  

What amenities are available?

The gym has a large bathroom with plenty of space for changing.  There are a set of 9 small lockers, available for use while utilizing the gym.  If you would like to secure your valuables, please bring your own lock.  There is a water-bottle refilling station to keep hydrated.  Chalk is available for all members.

Do you plan to add machines and cardio equipment?

Yes!  We do have expansion plans and will keep you updated as progress occurs.  In the meantime, we take member suggestions into consideration - be sure to share what additions would support your fitness goals.

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