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General Order 1: Take care of your equipment and all property in view.

General Order 2: Lift in a safe manner, keeping always on alert and observing everything that takes place within the gym; utilizing a spotter and/or safety arms and collars.  Respectfully remind others to use provided safety measures.

General Order 3: Report concerning conduct to Nick via text or phone call 717-460-8890.  Security cameras are in use.

General Order 4:   Conduct yourself in a respectful manner.  Monitor profanity, keep music to an acceptable volume, treat others the way you want to be treated.

General Order 5: Check your ego at the door.  

General Order 6: Clean up after yourself.  Wipe down equipment after use.  Return weights & barbells to their original locations.

General Order 7: Be respectful and help fellow lifters; teach/learn with others and ask questions.  Be humble; this is an encouraging and welcoming space.

General Order 8: Know the locations of emergency equipment including: first aid kit, AED, fire extinguisher and emergency exit. In case of emergency, call 911.  Follow up by calling Nick at 717-460-8890

General Order 9: Hydrate.

General Order 10:  Ensure the facility is secure when entering and exiting.  Do not hold the door for others.  Require all members to scan in.

General Order 11: Don't do stupid things.

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